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Job scam: Here are 5 ways to identify a fake job offer letter

Job scam: Here are 5 ways to identify a fake job offer letter

With an increase in job searches on the internet, India has simultaneously witnessed a rise in scams. Numerous scammers have become active on job boards, targetting job seekers who are vulnerable and des[erate for work. Acknowledging the problem of fake job alerts, the government of India has shared some inciteful information to identify if the job offer is 'real' or 'fake'.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has listed 5 ways to spot a fake online job offer:

1. If you get the appointment letter quickly after the initial chat with the employer then it could be a sign of job fraud.

2. A vague job requirement/job description in the appointment or offer letter is another red flag.

3. Notice the language of the email. If written unprofessionally then it could be a scam.

4. If an employer asks for confidential information during the job interview. Do not share such details.

5. If you are asked to pay for your job offers then it could also be a scam.

According to the government, if someone is a victim of cybercrime, they can register their complaint at


Last month, the External Affairs Ministry issued an advisory alerting hopeful youth and candidates against ‘fake job rackets offering lucrative jobs’.

The MEA informed that the people were being taken to Myanmar, were held captive to work under harsh conditions, and had been kept in the area of Myawaddy.

The MEA said that ethnic armed groups hold sway and Indian along with several other foreign citizens are being held by them.

On 8 October, the Centre said it rescued about 130 workers who were lured by ‘fake job rackets offering lucrative jobs’ from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.

Last month, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin said in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that 300 Indians, including around 50 Tamils from the state, were being held captive in Myanmar.


Citizens of other countries in the region have suffered from similar scams.


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